How to Fix and Prevent an HVAC Air Filter from getting Wet?

If you see your air filter is wet, you may experience an issue in your HVAC system. Air filter helps in keeping away dust and other particles that settle on the surface of the equipment.

A wet air filter is not achieving its mission! Wet air filters affect the airflow and increase energy bills. It can also freeze the evaporator and lead to a blown motor. 

What Are The Causes That Lead To Wet Air Filters?

  • Check if your drain or pan is clogged.
  • Evaporator coils must be dripping some water.
  • Improper installation of your HVAC system.
  • A faulty Compressor is also one of the reasons for wet HVAC filters.

Measures To Take When You Find A Wet Air Filter

  • Turn off the air conditioner to avoid any more spills in your home.
  • Make sure the drain is free from debris or algae.
  • Remove the air filter and let the area dry.
  • Check if the condensed pan has any cracks.
  • The last step is to replace the air filter with a new one.

You should always call an HVAC technician if you are unaware of handling the AC or Heating Replacement Mesquite, TX.

Steps To Prevent Wet Air Filters

There are various steps you can take to avoid wet air filters and multiple issues associated with them.

Regular Replacement Of Air Filters

Changing air filters helps prevent the accumulation of debris that enters the drain lines and pans that clog them. How replacing air filters can help you?

Changing a clogged air filter will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. A dirty or damaged air filter will obstruct the airflow which, will eventually impact indoor air quality.

Replace Your Air Filter When

  • You experience your HVAC system is not working or has led to some damage.
  • Reduced airflow is an indication to change the air filter.
  • You are suffering from allergy attacks.
  • Energy bills are high.
  • Increase in dust particles near the vents.

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Cleaning Drain Line

Many air conditioner problems are associated with clogged drain lines. You can clean the drain line on your own or call an HVAC technician.

Here Is The Step-By-Step Guide To Clean The Drain


  • Switch off the air conditioner.
  • Check the location of the drain line.
  • Check for a T-shaped vent and remove the cap of the drain. Verify if there is any blockage.
  • Pour distilled vinegar into the drain line.
  • Let it rest for 30 mins.

Repeat the process every month to avoid any blockage and damage to the air conditioner units. It also solves the problem of the high consumption of energy.

Lexany’s Heating & AC

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