Types Of Furnaces

Due to their outstanding efficiency, low running noise, extended lifespans, compatibility, and other factors, natural gas, propane, heating oil, or electricity can all be used to heat your home with a furnace. You can also take a professional’s help in furnace service in Mesquite, TXto decide which type of furnace is best for your house.

Based On Operation

Furnace blowers circulate both warm and cool air, so they not only offer heat in the winter but also help to cool your home in the summer. There are different categories:

Furnace with A Single-Stage

It runs at a fixed speed. As a result, your home is more likely to have hot and cold patches with more temperature variance. In addition, turning on and off your system during the day will consume additional energy. However, it is the cheapest to buy and the easiest and cheapest to install.

Furnace with two stages

Two-stage furnaces allow you a little more flexibility over how you heat your home by giving a full-speed and a half-speed setting. As a decision, both are further effective in delivering heat. 

Furnace with variable speed

Finally, variable speed furnaces adjust the speed and heat output to the outside temperature and the desired indoor temperature. They also provide the highest indoor air quality since the fan circulates air through the filter even when the furnace is not in use.

Based On Fuel Type 

Another approach to categorize modern furnaces is based on the type of fuel they use to generate heat. 

Gas Furnace 

The hot combustion gas is created by gas jets and a burner, which elevates the temperature of the air, which is then circulated through the ducts by fans. Gas furnaces are inexpensive to operate due to the low cost of gas compared to other fuels.

Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces are most commonly seen in cold locations and convert oil to heat. Gas furnaces typically have AFUE ratings of 88-98 percent, whereas oil furnaces have AFUE values of 80-90 percent.

Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are typically less expensive and smaller than traditional furnaces, making them more convenient to install in most settings. Heat pumps use electricity to heat and cool your home to maximize comfort and economy. Many individuals prefer to utilize a heat pump in conjunction with a furnace, a process known as hybrid heating. If you all live in an area with excellent winter times, you might be good without a furnace and simply a heat pump.

Modulating Furnace

Modulating furnaces are more expensive, but the benefits may be worth it. For example, to attain the thermostat’s preset temperature, a modulating furnace modulates the amount of gas it burns. This allows it to pinpoint the temperature more precisely. In addition, modulating furnaces will not waste energy by turning on and off often but will instead run at a reduced energy level for a more extended period.

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Checklist For HVAC Installation

HVAC providers use an installation checklist to verify that no details are overlooked during the installation. You might have a single, comprehensive checklist for all installations or several checklists for different types of equipment. 

You can enlarge the checklist to include starting items used at the season to ensure that the equipment operates correctly. In addition, a general maintenance checklist is used for quarterly reviews.

Accurate insulation can make a large distinction in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. It’s also crucial to the system’s longevity. Internal components of a device that isn’t secure are more likely to wear out. Other considerations to include in the checklist during installation include:

Manufacturer Specifications, Local Building Codes, and NEC


Most HVAC equipment manufacturers have their starting and service checklists tailored to their devices. 

While having default checklists for any heating or air conditioning unit is a good idea, we recommend keeping particular checklists on hand for the equipment you service or install regularly. For installation requirements, check local building codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC).

An Examination Of The Space And All Of The Unit’s Components

Then it’s time for your regular unit installation walk-through. Not double-checking the model number is a common mistake. Make sure you have the proper unit before you start installing anything.

Include all of the steps you take before installing the unit in your checklists, such as inspecting ductwork, air filters, vents, gas lines, and drainage pipes for shipping damage or missing parts. 

Examining The Load Calculation

Residential HVAC professionals for furnace repair in Mesquite, TX, must understand a home’s heating and cooling needs depending on various criteria. If the load calculation is solely based on square footage, it is almost always incorrect.


Inspection of all connections is required. It is a must to avoid damaged power lines. If the house is older, make sure the wiring can accommodate the new system’s electrical requirements.

Dripping Pans

Drip pans must be rust-free. No standing water, odors, or leaks should be present. 

Fan Chambers

This region should be free of dirt. It is necessary to grease the fan motor. The fan belt must be properly tensioned.


The ductwork should be free of blockages and clean. No holes, cracks, or leaks should exist. The supply and return vents should both be open and free of debris.


According to the HVAC technician, it is necessary to evacuate any combustion gases from your equipment to the outside for HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX. In addition, a carbon monoxide test may be required for some setups.

Updated Unit Performance Measurements 

Take initial performance readings of the new equipment and the overall heating or cooling system after installation. 

Wrap-Up Of Post-Installation Business

Consider including everything a technician has to tell a customer, such as a rundown of the unit’s capabilities, thermostat settings, warranty information, and a request for a review.

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5 Reasons Causing Your AC To Run Constantly

It’s unpleasant when the summer months are hot and sticky, and your AC operates constantly. There’s a good chance your AC is running a little too loudly or consuming more electricity than usual.

You’ve probably seen this issue before, and you might be wondering what the problem might be. The reasons stated in this article will help you understand why your AC has been running constantly.

Improper Installation

How to verify if the air conditioner installation is correct? You can inspect through unit size and duct size.

Central Unit Is Too Small

Small size central air conditioners require more effort to cool your home. You will experience breakdowns frequently and will never feel the desired coolness at your home.

Central Unit Is Large

If you are experiencing too much moisture in your home, one of the reasons is the large central unit. Large central units have short cycles and also increase electricity bills as energy consumption is high.

Incorrect Duct Size

Incorrect duct size does not cool your home efficiently and will be incapable of handling the airflow. Thus, it is unable to distribute cool air evenly in all corners of your home.

If you possess any of the above units, it’s time to replace them with efficient ones. Connect our AC repair in Mesquite to resolve your issues.

Damaged Air Filter

A dirty air filter causes overheating and obstructs the normal airflow. If the airflow is not proper, the system cannot help in removing humidity. Timely maintenance of air filters is essential to save energy consumption.

Dirt And Dust On Conditioner Coils

Ever wondered about the damage caused due to dirt and dust on conditioner coils? The accumulation of dust particles will lower the efficiency that eventually lets the air conditioner run continuously.

Old Air Conditioner 

Every electronic unit has its lifetime. If your air conditioner is way past its prime and you are tired of replacing units now and then, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Contact our experts for estimates and book a slot with our skilled technicians for any installation or air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX.

Air Leaks 

One of the culprits of a hot and humid environment is poor sealing, which welcomes irritation and various health problems. If your AC  is not cooling your room, check for air leaks or insufficient insulation.

If there are no air leaks in your basement, the air will stay inside and, you will enjoy the comfort of an air conditioner.

New air conditioners are highly efficient and consume less energy as compared to old air conditioners. Always prefer to go through the rating chart before you plan to buy a new one.

Lexany’s Heating & AC

If you are suffering from a temperature problem, it is the right time to call a professional if you think it is getting too hot or cold. Allow us to be your HVAC partner.

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How to Fix and Prevent an HVAC Air Filter from getting Wet?

If you see your air filter is wet, you may experience an issue in your HVAC system. Air filter helps in keeping away dust and other particles that settle on the surface of the equipment.

A wet air filter is not achieving its mission! Wet air filters affect the airflow and increase energy bills. It can also freeze the evaporator and lead to a blown motor. 

What Are The Causes That Lead To Wet Air Filters?

  • Check if your drain or pan is clogged.
  • Evaporator coils must be dripping some water.
  • Improper installation of your HVAC system.
  • A faulty Compressor is also one of the reasons for wet HVAC filters.

Measures To Take When You Find A Wet Air Filter

  • Turn off the air conditioner to avoid any more spills in your home.
  • Make sure the drain is free from debris or algae.
  • Remove the air filter and let the area dry.
  • Check if the condensed pan has any cracks.
  • The last step is to replace the air filter with a new one.

You should always call an HVAC technician if you are unaware of handling the air conditioner issues.

Steps To Prevent Wet Air Filters

There are various steps you can take to avoid wet air filters and multiple issues associated with them.

Regular Replacement Of Air Filters

Changing air filters helps prevent the accumulation of debris that enters the drain lines and pans that clog them. How replacing air filters can help you?

Changing a clogged air filter will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. A dirty or damaged air filter will obstruct the airflow which, will eventually impact indoor air quality.

Replace Your Air Filter When

  • You experience your HVAC system is not working or has led to some damage.
  • Reduced airflow is an indication to change the air filter.
  • You are suffering from allergy attacks.
  • Energy bills are high.
  • Increase in dust particles near the vents.

Connect with our expert team of AC repair services in Mesquite, TX, if you plan to hire a technician to replace the air filter.

Cleaning Drain Line

Many air conditioner problems are associated with clogged drain lines. You can clean the drain line on your own or call an HVAC technician.

Here Is The Step-By-Step Guide To Clean The Drain


  • Switch off the air conditioner.
  • Check the location of the drain line.
  • Check for a T-shaped vent and remove the cap of the drain. Verify if there is any blockage.
  • Pour distilled vinegar into the drain line.
  • Let it rest for 30 mins.

Repeat the process every month to avoid any blockage and damage to the air conditioner units. It also solves the problem of the high consumption of energy.

Lexany’s Heating & AC

If you are still searching for an expert to resolve your wet air filter issues, we are here to help you out.

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Why Is The Air Quality In Your Home So Important?

Many homeowners do not consider the quality of the air they breathe in their homes. There is a general assumption that only outside air can get polluted. However, the air inside your home can get polluted, causing significant health challenges to you and your loved ones.

Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ ) refers to the over air quality considering the health and comfort of your family. Call an HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, to understand if the HVAC system was installed correctly to avoid inadequate ventilation, which results in poor air quality.

What Can The Indoor Air Be Polluted With?

The following are common items found in our indoor air – 

  • Mold and mildew

This mold can build up in places near bathrooms and cause respiratory problems when found excessively in the air. Search immediately for AC repair in Mesquite, TX, to have your unit clean and ensure rich air quality.

  • Dust and mites

If you have asthma, you need to check the level of dust in your home as it might trigger asthma attacks and cause respiratory irritation.

  • Combustion pollutants

These pollutants are caused by faulty stoves, space heaters, and fireplaces.

  • Volatile organic compounds

If you have recently painted your home, the indoor air will be filled with chemicals from paint, cleaning products, and lacquers.

Excessive moisture, along with pesticides and outdoor pollutants, is a common type of pollutant too. 

Effects Of Poor Air Quality On Health

There is no time to start telling when the effects of being exposed to bad air may start. It may happen immediately or show signs after years. 

Immediate health effects occur due to repeated exposure to a particular pollutant. These effects may look like irritation in the eyes, nose, throat, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches. All these effects are short-term and easily treatable.

However, long-term effects, on the other hand, may get severe. These effects surface after years of exposure to the pollutants. Respiratory diseases, cancer, and heart diseases are some of the effects which can be fatal.

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

To avoid the short-term and long-term effects on your health, it is better to take proper care of your indoor air quality.

  • One effective way is to eliminate the source from which the pollutants are entering or reduce their circulation.
  • Adjust the humidity levels in your home. 
  • Change the air filters regularly and clean air ducts. Contact an AC repair in Mesquite, TX service to have them professionally cleaned.
  • Increase the ventilation in your home. Infiltration and natural ventilation effectively ensure air quality as it does not let pollutants accumulate in your home.

Your air filters are limited in their efficiency and cannot trap all the pollutants. In this case, you can even opt for installing UV air sanitizer in your home. 

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A Small Guide to Understand HVAC Installation

The average time that an air conditioning system may last is around 10 to 15 years. With proper maintenance, your air conditioning may last a little longer. At some point, you’ll find that your AC unit is becoming less efficient. 

This drop inefficiency is due to the unit’s complex nature. Similar to cars, these air conditioners stop working after prolonged usage. If you are in this situation, you can either opt for air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, or replace the unit with a new one.

Reasons That You Need To Know About Air Conditioners!

Whatever your decision might be, to either get a repair or replace the unit, you need to have a full picture of what you are dealing with.

By understanding how the air conditioner works and what parts are available today, you can decide. It will help you in choosing to either replace the individual part of the whole unit.

No matter what you choose, make sure to contact a professional HVAC Installation Mesquite TX to do the work.

Air conditioning system’s working

Almost all the air conditions work similarly irrespective of their type and model. There are five basic components in an air conditioner. These components are responsible for the major functions of a unit – 


Refrigerant is responsible for keeping the engine cool like a coolant used in cars.


It is used to recycle the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning unit.


The fans cool the heat, and the refrigerant absorbs humidity.

Air ducts

To transfer the cool air from inside the unit to your room, air ducts are used.

Evaporator coils

These coils are attached to the furnace or inside the air handles. They are responsible for absorbing heat from inside your room.

To have an air conditioner work efficiently, all these units should work without any malfunction. If there is a need for air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, it is probably because one of these components failed to work. These components can be repaired or replaced individually. It is best to replace the single component instead of the whole unit when replacement is needed.

Types of air conditioning systems

The type of air conditioner you decide to install should be compatible with your lifestyle. There are two types of AC units that you can choose from – 

  • Portable air conditioning systems

These types of units can be moved with wheels. These systems cost less and don’t require professional installation. However, you need to keep your windows open for these systems to work.

  • Central air conditioning

These are the most common systems that include a heating system inside. It is expensive to get these systems installed. Regular maintenance is required after the installation process to ensure the long life of the system.

Once the air conditioner is installed, you might need professional AC repair in Mesquite from time to time. Contact us at (469)-728-7113 to book an expert service. You can reach out to us via mail too at service@lexanysheatingandac.com.


How To Decide The AC Size As Per Your Room?

Imagine having an AC unit installed at your place that does not give efficient cooling, and you end up getting higher electricity bills and frequent air conditioning repairs in Mesquite, TX. Having such a unit installed is a total disaster. 

Choosing the correct capacity for your air conditioning unit is very helpful for efficient performance. If the size of the AC unit is too large, then the room gets cooled up quickly, but this ends up in short cycles. Short cycles are responsible for more energy consumption resulting in excessive bills. Larger units will also result in poor air quality as the room gets cooled up too quickly, leaving the room full of humidity. 

Compared to a smaller AC unit, the system struggles to cool down the temperature and does not cool the room adequately, which results in using the AC unit for prolonged periods. This reduces the system’s efficiency, and due to this reason, your AC unit is prone to frequent repair and maintenance.

Getting the correct capacity for your home is the answer to no extra costs and efficient cooling. The capacity for an AC unit is measured in ton or tonnage. These are measured in BTU (British Thermal Units).

How Many Tonnes Are Required To Cool My Home?

The AC capacity required by your room depends on some factors. Such as – 

The size of your room 

The size of your room decides what air conditioning unit capacity is required for efficient cooling. To measure the tonnage of your AC unit, follow the steps given below:

Step1 – Find out the area of your room.

Step 2 – Divide the area by 600. This tells you the basic capacity measure. 

Suppose your room is 100 sq. ft; the basic capacity amounts equal to 0.167 tons (100/600). Adding 0.5 tonnes to this equals the basic capacity for an average of 5 people in a room. 


The efficiency of the AC unit is measured in terms of SEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). ISEER is the amount of heat energy consumed per hour. The more heat energy consumed every hour by the AC unit, the higher the efficiency of the system. 

Co-efficient performance

Co-efficient performance or COP is another factor to consider before installing a new AC unit. The Higher the COP rating, the better the performance, and lower is the electricity bills, and lesser AC repairs in Mesquite will be required

5-star ratings

Experts believe that a 5-star rating is not always required. If you switch on your AC unit for a couple of hours only, then a 5-star unit will not be required. If you are consuming the cooling of the AC for more than 8 hours, then a 5-star rated Air Conditioning device will make a difference on your monthly billings. 

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How To Heat And Cool A Part Of Your House Without Ductwork?

The summer and winter seasons in Mesquite, TX, are extreme. Being able to stay cozy at home throughout the year is a luxury. Ductless HVAC systems are a good choice to keep all the members of your family cozy at all times. This is an invaluable cost-effective investment that will prove its worth in the long run. 

If you consider HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, for a new area inside your home, then ductless HVAC systems are the best choice. 

We have listed down the advantages for you – 

Ease Of Installation

Mini-splits are compact and are flexible for installation. You can fit in a split HVAC unit in every room of your house. The HVAC unit comes in different shapes and sizes, so you must pick the right size for every room to ensure effective heating and cooling throughout the year. These mini-split units consist of a small outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The ductless HVAC units are the best solution to improve temperature control. 

Cost-Effective Solution

One of the most popular reasons owners switch to ductless HVAC units is that they consume lesser energy than a central ductwork system. Lesser energy consumption implies lesser utility bills. With the help of the remote, you can easily control the temperature. As per your convenience, you can decide whether you want to lower or increase the temperatures in the rooms that are in use rather than cooling or heating the entire house.

The versatility is one of the main reasons that make ductless HVAC systems a popular choice. The ductless system can help you save 30% of energy. 

Improved Air Quality

When speaking of the traditional HVAC units, the air filters and the drainpipes must be cleaned frequently as there is a chance of mold or bacteria developing in them frequently. In comparison, the ductless HVAC unit offers multiple layers of filtration. These layers make sure that the percentage of bacteria, pollen, mold, or dust is reduced drastically. Thus improved air quality and the fear of allergy are also reduced. 

Ease Of Customization

Mini-split HVAC units belong to the smarter generation. Each system has its unique features that make them stand out from the traditional HVAC units. Features such as independent thermostat units, sleep mode facilities, minimal design, silent operation, humidity control are some of the many features these units provide. While traditional systems are good for cooling large areas, ductless units are perfect for smaller rooms for precise cooling/heating. 

Silent Operation

Traditional HVAC units are somewhat noisy as compared to ductless units. Ductless systems provide a smoother operation. 

Focused Heating/Cooling

When enclosed in a room, your ductless HVAC unit provides a precise cooling facility. You can easily increase or decrease the temperatures with the help of the remote. This makes it more efficient and cost-effective. 

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5 Reasons To Get An Annual AC Maintenance Check

Annual air conditioner maintenance is not an optional service. More than 90% of contractors who provide HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, recommend that your air conditioner should undergo maintenance at least once a year to make sure you’re getting only the best out of your unit. Many people ignore this advice.

This article will discuss five main reasons you shouldn’t postpone scheduling your annual AC maintenance and what may happen if you don’t.

5 reasons to schedule your annual AC maintenance

Better Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner will be responsible for maintaining good indoor air quality for all rooms in your home. However, this is impossible to do if the coils and filters inside the unit are dirty. In the end, you may have a unit that spews out more germs and bacteria than it cleans up. This will reduce the indoor air quality of your home.

Lowers Your Repair Costs

When you schedule an AC maintenance service, they inspect all parts to determine whether there is any problem or not. If anything is cracked, broken, or needs repairs, it can be done during the maintenance. However, if this isn’t done, the problem will increase until your entire unit suffers a breakdown – which may or may not be repaired.

Increases Energy Efficiency

You’ve probably brought an AC unit after checking its energy efficiency. Just like all homeowners, you would want your AC to provide maximum cooling for power input. However, using dirty coils and filters reduces the efficiency of the unit. Without a maintenance service, it is impossible to maintain good energy efficiency levels for a unit.

Prevents Any Last-Minute Problems

Unfortunately, a problem with your air conditioner can arise at the last minute, and you may be required to shell out more money. However, with regular maintenance, you can see a problem coming miles away and be prepared for it. This means you won’t need to look for 24/7 contractors online to prevent any last-minute breakdown!

Increases The Lifespan Of Your System

The lifespan of an average air conditioner is 12-15 years. However, without regular maintenance, your air conditioner may not service this long. To get the best out of the unit without spending extra money for patch-up work and repairs, you need to make sure you get maintenance service.

These are only some of the reasons why you should schedule your annual maintenance service. Without the service, you may eventually have to spend more money on repairs or replace the unit entirely because it can’t be repaired. Therefore, you should sign a maintenance contract with a top HVAC contractor.

If you don’t have an HVAC contractor, choose Lexany’s Heating & AC. They provide excellent maintenance and AC repair in Mesquite, TX. You can book their service at the very last minute without any hassle. With several years of experience in providing HVAC services, they can fix, check, inspect and install any unit you have.

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How Important Is AC Repair And Maintenance?

Most people know air conditioners require regular maintenance, but very few follow through with this requirement of the unit. This article will discuss why air conditioner maintenance is important and what should be included in regular air conditioner maintenance.

What Is The Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Here are five reasons why you should maintain your air conditioner – 


Regular maintenance and inspection of an air conditioner can increase the lifespan of your unit. You’re more likely to catch a problem early on and repair or replace the part, which means that the problem won’t fester and will lead to the unit breaking down.


Most manufacturers provide a warranty on their AC units. But a condition on this warranty is that you regularly maintain the unit. Without regular maintenance, you’re likely voiding the contract. Therefore when the time comes, your warranty may no longer be valid and you won’t be able to take advantage of the services included under the warranty. 


Regular maintenance of an air conditioner means you will increase the chances of catching a problem early. The part can be repaired or replaced early on and you won’t have to pay more. Most people believe in “Why fix it if it isn’t broken?” but this ideology will likely lead to increased expense for HVAC units.

Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your air conditioner would mean you can have an energy-efficient unit. This means your AC produces more cool air per unit power, and you may see a reduction in bills. However, without maintenance, you may see a rise in your monthly electricity bills. 

Random Breakdown

If you don’t repair or maintain your AC, it may just lead to a breakdown. This may not be fixed even if you call the most experienced contractor, and you’ll have to resort to buying a new unit. Not only will the cost of the unit be high, but you will also be required to pay for the labor, totaling the cost of replacement much higher than that of maintenance.

What Should Be Included In Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Most contractors who provide HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, also provide air conditioner maintenance service, which means you don’t need to go out looking for another contractor. All contractors provide the following services in their maintenance packages – 

  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Cleaning and replacing of air filters
  • Inspection and oiling of AC motor
  • Inspection and oiling of all plates, fans, and other mechanical parts
  • Inspection and replacement of electrical wiring
  • Straightening the fins on the coils
  • Checking and maintaining refrigerant levels
  • Measuring airflow through the system

What to do if you don’t have a contractor?

If you don’t have an HVAC contractor, you can choose Lexany’s Heating and AC. Other than maintenance services, they also provide AC repair in Mesquite, TX. Their services are affordable, long-lasting, and high-quality. You can find out more about their work by visiting their website https://www.lexanysheatingandac.com or calling (469)728-7113.