10 Ways To Get Your Air Conditioner For Spring And Summer

The summer heat can be unbearable, so don’t let yourself get caught in it! You’re in trouble if your central air conditioner doesn’t work on the first hot summer day. If you don’t perform some quick annual maintenance before summer arrives, the situation might arise. Spring and summer are the best times to prepare your air conditioner in Mesquite.

10 Ways to get your Air Conditioner for Spring and Summer.

  • Clean or replace the filters
    You will reduce a unit’s efficiency if these filters are not changed regularly. In addition, the entire system can malfunction if the filter is clogged. Look for a professional for air conditioning services in Mesquite, TX. 
  • Clean the condenser coils
    Make sure your air conditioning unit’s condenser coils and fans are clean. Your condenser unit will work at its best if these coils are cleaned using gentle pressure and cleaner. 
  • Clean the drain
    Ensure the drain on your air conditioning unit is clear. Look for some help from a professional for air conditioning services in Mesquite, TX.
  • Check the coolant lines.
    A foam coolant line insulation is usually used to cover these lines. Replace it with new foam insulation sleeves if necessary. Get in touch with an expert for HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX.
  • Turn the unit off once you aren’t using it.
    Keep the air conditioner off when you aren’t in the room so it doesn’t overwork.
  • Make sure your room is shady.
    Pull up the curtains and close the windows to block sunlight. During summer, UV rays from the sun can significantly heat a room. 
  • Along with the AC, use ceiling fans
    Keep your room cool and save energy using ceiling fans and air conditioners.
  • Install a smart thermostat
    A smart thermostat can determine the right temperature for your room, reducing your energy bills.
  • Check the ducts
    Inspect any exposed ductwork for wear, which could result in inefficient cooling.
  • Test the unit
    You should test your newly cleaned air conditioning unit after it has been allowed to dry thoroughly. Then, your condenser unit needs to be turned back on.

For more information on HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, Contact Lexany’s Heating AC.

Thinking of Installing AC at Home on Your Own?

During summer, an air conditioner is the most sought-after home appliance. Being one of the most generous circumstances in the USA, Texas residents are always careful regarding their HVAC systems at home. AC services and AC installation in Mesquite, TX, are abundant, but be sure to choose only the best.

Nowadays, people wonder if they can perform AC installation as a DIY.

The short answer is YES. 

Let’s Understand How You Can Benefit From Installing Your Own AC At Home:                                                               

  • Save Money, No Question: It is no wonder that installing an air conditioner unit will save you money. Also, some home improvement stores offer you free AC installation. Even though independent contractors will charge you a flat rate to install your AC, labor costs sometimes can be expensive.
  • A New Skill Added to Your Skill-Set List: Learning how to install your AC will help you understand your system, and this will be beneficial for you in the future to navigate any problem in your system.
  • Choose Your Unit: While most HVAC companies sell and repair all types of air conditioners, some only choose to sell and offer service on a few products. If you are scheduling to do your own AC installation in Mesquite, TX, you have the liberty to choose from any model you want.

While We Would Love You to Take on a DIY Project, We Also Want To Be Careful of Certain Aspects of AC Installation.

  • Huge Cost if Things Go Sideways: You must be prepared to incur a loss if your installation process goes sideways. Even though you can find the best AC repair service, you can expect a huge repair cost.
  • Expect a Long Time Frame: It is no wonder that any inexperienced person will consume a lot of time to install an HVAC unit at your home, and if this person happens to be you, you may want to set aside your other important work to do that. Installing an air conditioner requires knowledge, skill, and hard work, which only a professional service provider of AC installation in Mesquite, TX, can offer you.
  • Are You a Certified Technician? : If you have to install or replace or repair your HVAC system, you will require proper certification. Without this certificate, you won’t be able to purchase refrigerant at the minimum. This can only be done by a professionally certified AC repair service in Mesquite, TX. 

If you are looking for a professional HVAC Installation Mesquite, TXLexany’s Heating and AC should be your only choice. 

We are an experienced team who has been in this business for a long time. We value our customer’s requirements and approach every issue with a strategic plan to provide you with our best service. 


Should you repair or replace your air conditioner?

Your present air conditioner will serve you well until the day it stops working. When this happens, you’ll summon an HVAC professional to your house in the hopes of having a part within your air conditioning machine repaired quickly. However, your plans are disrupted when the HVAC specialist informs you that the air conditioner requires extensive air conditioning repair Mesquite, TX.

When this happens, you’ll have to repair or replace your current air conditioning system. How can you tell which option is best for you and your home?

Factors That Will Help You Decide

There may come a moment when you must decide whether to repair or replace your air conditioning system. The cost of repairing a unit is usually far cheaper than purchasing and installing a new one. However, sometimes no number of repairs will be enough to bring your machine back to life.

We’ll guide you through numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace an air conditioner. By the end, you’ll have the assurance that comes with knowing which one is best and some other factors related to it.

  • The age of your air conditioning equipment should be the first factor when considering whether to repair or replace it. Older units have lower seasonal energy efficiency ratios (seer) than modern models and run substantially less efficiently. repairing air conditioning unit
  • Having to fix your air conditioner regularly may signal that it’s time to replace it. If your air conditioner constantly breaks down, never effectively cooling your home, and continually operating loudly, it’s time to replace it. If essential components like the compressor or condenser fail, you should consider replacing the unit. Remember that air conditioners can run properly by performing professional preventative maintenance regularly. It’s normal if your air conditioner needs minor maintenance now and then. Talk to your HVAC specialist for air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, if you’re unsure.

Despite their hefty replacement prices, newer air conditioners can save you roughly $200 per year on energy bills. In addition, new units offer high-efficiency features such as intelligent thermostat compatibility, dehumidifiers, variable-speed motors, and scroll technology.

If you’re still not ready to get rid of your old air conditioner, there are a few adjustments you may make to boost its efficiency:

Recommendations For Air Conditioning Units

Always check with a qualified hvac contractor to see whether your air conditioner can be fixed or if it has to be replaced. Depending on the problem, the technician may be able to resolve it without any need to replace the unit. However, replacement may be your only alternative if the condition is beyond repair or if the team is too old or inefficient to repair. Contact us for any kind of HVAC installation Mesquite, TX.

Your trusted HVAC technician would have years of experience working with air conditioners. We can provide suggestions based on unit size, efficiency, and operation. HVAC technicians can also do home energy evaluations to find energy leaks and measure the effectiveness of your cooling system. Contact us for the best HVAC services in town!  

To avail our services, talk with our professionals, or visit our website for more information.

What Should I Do to Get My Heating System Ready for the Winter?

Furnaces and heating systems will soon be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep residents comfortable and safe. Please take the necessary actions to maintain, test, and preserve your heating equipment so that it is ready to heat your house. 

Here Are Some Tips:

Keep your home warm with dependable heating equipment that works well all winter long with proper care and preparation.

1. Replace your air filter regularly.

The air conditioner and furnace in most HVAC systems blast air through the same filter. So, your filter is probably extremely dirty after using the air conditioner all summer! To keep your indoor air cleaner and lessen the strain on your furnace, professionals recommend cleaning your filter once a month. 

Start the chilly winter season off right with a clean filter, and stock up on a couple of spares to have on hand throughout winter. Heating Replacement Mesquite, TX can be of great help when looking for a quick filter replacement.

2. Make sure your thermostat is working correctly.

You want to switch on your heating system when it’s 10 degrees outside and then discover it’s not working correctly! Before it gets too chilly, go for a test run. Increase the temperature on the thermostat and make sure the heat comes on and heats your house to that temperature. 

Call your HVAC firm for repairs if the air coming out of the registers does not warm up or if your heat goes off before the temperature set on the thermostat achieve. If you are looking for experts to check and advise, furnace replacement Mesquite, TX, can be an excellent approach.

3. Remove the covers from your vents or radiators.

Check if any of your registers or vents are obstructing furniture. This might obstruct airflow and prevent your home from heating evenly. Blocked ducts might even make your furnace overwork and overheat! 

Remove anything adjacent to the radiators if you have a boiler system with radiators not to melt or burn. To get a consultation, you could contact furnace replacement Mesquite TX, as they are experienced in handling these situations.

4. Check your carbon monoxide detector.

Although your carbon monoxide detector isn’t technically part of your heating system, it’s essential for keeping you safe when it’s on. 

Step 1: Use the test button.

Step 2: Replace the old batteries with new ones to ensure that they will endure winter.

Step 3: If your alarm goes off, vacate the house immediately and inform the authorities.

When dealing with HVAC, it’s better to approach excellent service providers; furnace repair Mesquite, TX has been known to provide expert knowledge.

5. Make an appointment for routine maintenance.

Having your heating system examined and tuned up once a year is a brilliant idea. So many heating problems go undiscovered until they leave you without heat at midnight, but having your system evaluated by a reputable HVAC provider like furnace repair Mesquite TX may help you avoid this.

Be sure to contact us for heating replacement in Mesquite, TX, as soon as possible. Call Lexany’s Heating and AC on (469)728-7113 or email us here when you need excellent expert heating services.


How to Protect HVAC Systems During Bad Weather?

Thunderstorms and hurricanes extend the risk of harm to outdoor heating and cooling equipment mainly due to flooding and massive winds. In addition, electrical surges are another danger to these pieces of equipment. Protect your outdoor heating and cooling units with these measures to safeguard your HVAC installation Mesquite, TXfrom storm damage.

Elevate HVAC Units.

  • When water levels increase due to a storm explosion or heavy rainfall, your HVAC system is dangerous. 
  • Debris-filled floodwaters flow into these systems, and units are imperiled until water levels recede, which can take many days. 
  • Also, harmful bacteria and mold can accumulate inside the component during flooding, infiltrating your home’s air supply when you switch on the system. 
  • Boosting your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump unit above flood levels will safeguard your HVAC system from hurricane damage to standing floodwaters. 
  • If your unit is installed on the ground, have it relocated to an inflated brick or a preserved platform connected to the home. You can also take professional help like furnace service Mesquite, TX for this.

Secure and Shield HVAC Equipment.

  • Terrible storms and floodwaters can separate your outdoor unit from its mounting pad. Make sure mounts protecting the unit to its core are unbroken and appropriately attached. 
  • To protect the HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, use hurricane tie-down straps to fasten the unit to its base. 
  • High winds can turn molds into projectiles that could infiltrate and injure the HVAC component. 
  • Protect your heating and cooling system from storm damage by wrapping. The component ahead of a storm using a weatherproof tarp or cut plywood that is conserved to the floor on all sides. 
  • Remember not to switch on the unit once a cover has been inducted.

Safely use HVAC Systems During a Storm.

  • To safeguard your HVAC system from terrible weather and storm destruction, discover how to safely use your heating and cooling system amid harsh weather conditions. 
  • If the situation has worsened, go for heating services in Mesquite, TXas soon as possible. Switch the HVAC unit to avoid destruction induced by electrical rises and flooding. 
  • A few hours before the hurricane crashes, lower the temperature indoors to pre-cool the home and retain living areas comfortably once you switch off the air HVAC system.
  • After a storm has expired, eliminate the cover from the component to prevent moisture harm within the air conditioner.
  • Clean away garbage collected along the surface of your HVAC unit for adequate airflow.
  • Scan the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to see if there’s any defect. After inspection, if you assure that the device is not damage, you can switch the cooling system back on.
  • Do not switch it on if you see visible damage or if your component has uncover to standing floodwaters. Call a skilled technician for furnace service in Mesquite, TX.

The suggestions given above will enable you to safeguard outdoor HVAC units from storm damage adequately. However, if you still find a defect in your HVAC devices after a storm, contact us at Lexany’s Heating & AC to schedule AC repair Mesquite, TX, and have an HVAC technician safely restore your home’s comfort systems. Call us at 4697287113 or drop a mail here


Here Stands Why Your Furnace or Boiler Won’t Begin.

The warmth of your furnace or boiler is something you look forward to when the winter winds billow outside your windows. An incidence of your only heating system breaking down wouldn’t be a pleasurable experience and will leave you wondering what must be the matter. However, like any other appliance, heaters and boilers are machines and run the risk of breaking down. Routine maintenance helps keep such incidences in check, but they aren’t unavoidable.

Tracking is a List of Potential Reasons For Your Malfunctioning Boiler.

  • Issues with the Thermostat

When you find your heating system not firing up, your thermostat is the first thing you should examine. First, check your thermostat and ensure it is set to the heating option and maintained at a few degrees lower than the room temperature. Then, wait for the furnace to kick start, and if it does not, you probably have a different issue.

  • Wiring/Electrical Issues 

Whether gas or electric, your furnaces or boilers use electricity and have numerous intricate writings, switchboards, and the likes. Damage to even one component will not fire up your furnace. You can check your breakers and make sure they have not tripped. Breakers usually trip because of a power overflow. Have your breakers checked by a furnace service Mesquite, TX, if this happens regularly?

  • Interruption in Gas Supply

Having checked your thermostat and electricity supply, you may move up to your furnace’s gas supply. Ensure that the shut-off valve has been opened for an uninterrupted gas supply. These valves are turned off for safety reasons, and people tend to forget to open them when the winter draws near.

  • Malfunctioning Parts

Your furnaces are made up of many complex parts, both small and big in shape and size. Each carries out a crucial function. Damage to even the most minor parts could lead to a system failure, thus keeping your furnace from turning on. These parts are machines, and machines suffer wear and tear over time. Components like sensors require frequent cleaning. The passages and ductwork need to be dirt and dust-free too.

The control valve has a temperature probe, which, when malfunctions, will shut the whole system off. The thermocouple is another device that hinders gas flow if the pilot light is damaged. Your electronic ignition or condensate pump might also be malfunctioning.

When Do You Need Professional Help?

The problems mentioned above will help you identify one of many issues our furnace might be having. Although there are certain things that you clean or adjust that will get your furnace up and running, others require experienced and professional hands, and troubleshooting them yourself may not be a good idea. Sometimes your furnace might be too old, and you may need a furnace replacement Mesquite, TX. Have a certified technician look at your appliance to give you a detailed account of its condition.


Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Winters are all fun and splendor until the cold gets unbearable. Then, our feet and hands forget what heat feels like, and a triple-layered blanket fort becomes useless. Luckily, the technology did us some good. First, it introduced us to HVAC devices like the furnace that produces heat with natural gas or electricity. 

Furnaces do not ask for lengthy notes of gratitude. Instead, they require a regular furnace service or furnace repair Mesquite, TX. Our furnace comprises big and small components, running on energy resources, functioning amongst intense heat and friction. Unfortunately, such an internal setup can make the furnace parts prone to damage. As a result, your furnace starts showing signs of failure, one of which is blowing cold air. 

Reasons Why Your Furnace Blows Cold Air

Many people face this issue where their furnace throws cold air instead of hot. In such situations, we mainly contact a technician and schedule a repair or, if severe, a heating replacement Mesquite, TXAlong with solving the problem, it is essential to understand why the problem occurred in the first place. Here’s why your furnace is going cold air:

  • Overheating of Furnace

Though it sounds strange, a furnace does overheat. Old air filters can cause overheating. The dirty air filters restrict the airflow, and the heated air circulates inside the furnace itself. Instead of investing in unnecessary furnace replacement in Mesquite, TX, you can make it a habit of changing the filters regularly. 

  • Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is one of the first things you should check if you find any heating problems in your furnace. First, check whether the thermostat is set at the right temperature. If the thermostat is new, it might be an issue of compatibility, which a technician can inspect. 

  • The Pilot Light is Not Lit.

If you have a gas furnace, the extinguishing of the pilot light could be a reason for the cold air. You can either relight the pilot with the aid of the manual or contact a technician for a complete furnace repair in Mesquite, TX. 

  • Clogged Condensate Drain

If you have a new high-efficiency furnace, condensate clog could be why. High-efficiency furnaces have condensate drains that remove the water used in the heating process. A drained clog prevents the burners from lighting, which is essentially beneficial for your system but can generate cold air. 

Some obstruction or lack in the furnace parts causes the cold air generation. If the reason is caught in time, the furnace can be fixed, and heat production can be restarted. Taking the aid of a technician in such situations is a smart move. If not, there can be multiple and expensive repairs in the future. 

Lexany’s Heating & AC is an HVAC company, who can help you identify any problems in your furnace and fix them. Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified for all unseen furnace situations. Contact us on (469) 728-7113 today! A happy home is a healthy home!

How Long Will My Furnace Last? When Should It Be Replaced?

Typically, the life of a well-maintained furnace could range anywhere between 10 to 15 years. This can be more or less dependent on the quality and timely service. The next aspect that influences the lifespan of a furnace is the repairs. Repairs are bound to occur at least thrice in such a long time. What is crucial is how promptly these repairs are fixed without causing a toll on the furnace’s health.

A well-serviced and maintained furnace could last for a more extended than a furnace that is not taken care of.

Lastly, it is vital who conducts the service of the furnace. Whether the service is conducted by a trained HVAC professional or not also determines the furnace’s lifespan. Look out for professional and best furnace service Mesquite, TX.

How long does a furnace last?

The average life of a furnace usually ranges between 10 and 15 Years. Therefore, the time for a furnace would last utterly dependent on the maintenance of the furnace and the type of the furnace. Also, it is crucial to find a trusted and professional company that offers heating services in Mesquite, TX. 

When should a furnace be replaced?

When a furnace is causing too many repairs regularly, it is an indication that it’s time for a furnace replacement. Replacing a furnace also has several benefits like decreasing energy consumption, thereby decreasing the energy bills, the increased performance of the furnace, and much more.

When replacing a furnace, it is vital to take the opinion of an HVAC professional. Search for a good company for furnace replacement Mesquite, TX.

Indications that it is time for furnace replacement

1.   Regular repairs

When the furnace demands repairs regularly, it is a sign that it is time for a furnace replacement. To avoid repairs, the furnace must also be serviced regularly.

If the repairs keep on coming up regularly and if the furnace is too old, it is preferable to replace the furnace.

2.  Increase in the energy consumption

Another vitally important aspect is energy consumption. A furnace that is too old would eventually lead to an increase in power usage. This would lead to a spike increase in energy consumption, causing an increase in the power bills.

3. Decrease in the heat generation

If the furnace’s performance has gone down, and there is a reduction in generating heat, the furnace has become old. The heat is not increasing even after conducting the maintenance and repairs of the furnace; it may be time to get the furnace replace. 

If the furnace is still new, it may be due to a lack of maintenance or any repairs. For stress-free and service, finding an HVAC service company that is exceptional in conducting its service and offers professional HVAC service is essential. LEXANY’S Heating and AC is whole of the most immeasurable companies that offer heating services. 

For more information, call us at (469)728-7113, or mail us at service@lexanysheatingandac.com or visit our website LEXANY’S Heating and AC.


Preventative Annual Furnace Maintenance Tips

Be it Arizona or Texas, and the temperatures tend to fall sub-zero during winters. You don’t want to be shivering during the chilly winters. Everyone wants their families to live in warm and cozy homes. A heating system comes under the basic needs for the winters. Therefore, prepare your furnace in advance to work for the long winter months. 

To get fully efficient heating, you need furnace service in Mesquite, TX, by a good HVAC company. A team of HVAC experts will also give you some tips to maintain the working capacity of your furnace. In addition, they will carry out the maintenance checklist diligently and ensure that your furnace isn’t reeling with issues.

Tips To Prevent Annual Heating System Maintenance.

Read the information given below and get a solution to prevent your annual furnace maintenance. 

Schedule a Meeting With HVAC Technicians For a Preventive Tune-Up

Before starting the furnace after the summer season, you should plan a furnace service Mesquite, TX. This maintenance boosts the capacity of a furnace and increases its life. In addition, if there is any serious issue with the furnace, the technician will detect it and perform a furnace replacement. Thus, it will save you and your family from the risk. 

Change the Dirty Filter

The furnace fan tends to bind moisture and dust to its surface. This makes the fan dirty and reduces the efficiency of your furnace. Therefore, You should change the filter of your furnace regularly. 

Turn the Fan On and Check

It would be better if you had to control the fan of your furnace for any abnormal noise. If you hear any grinding or slamming kind of noise, then call up heating services Mesquite TX immediately and schedule a meeting. 

Turn the Heat On and Check

When the furnace stays on a long break in the summer season, there are chances that the heating system might be having some issues. Before using the furnace, you should turn the heat on for 15 to 20 minutes to check whether it is usually working or not. If it isn’t, you might have to go for a furnace replacement Mesquite, TX.

Check the Thermostat and Upgrade It

When you use it, you should check that it satisfies your requirements during winter. Modern thermostats are very easy to use. However, sometimes you need to upgrade your thermostat. Upgrading a thermostat can also be a considerable saving for you. 

Check the Humidifier Pad of the Furnace

Checking the humidifier pad of the furnace is necessary because you did not use it in the summer months. A proper working humidifier pad will balance the humidity level in the room and prevent static shocks, snoring, etc. 

Adjustment of the Air Vents

Before starting to use the furnace, make sure to check the air vents, clean them, and adjust them according to the required temperature in the room. 

You can contact Lexany’s Heating and AC at any time for every kind of heating replacement Mesquite TX. In addition, you can call us on our emergency number, (469) -728 -7113. This number is active to hear all your HVAC problems and bring the solution to you 24/7. You can also write your HVAC issues and drop an email at service@lexanysheatingandac.com.  


How to Maintain Your Furnace Working in Cold Weather

Your heating systems have worked overtime to keep your homes warm during this bitterly cold winter in the city of Texas. And, while furnaces function admirably for the majority of the heating season, they can have performance issues when temperatures drop below freezing. To avoid these problems, we’re going to go through several methods you can use to help your furnace cope with the harsh cold today!

Get Your Air Filter Clean.

Dirty air filters put more pressure than usual on the furnace. Hence it has to work harder to warm your apartment. Cleaning the air filter would reduce the pressure put on the furnace and work even more effectively. Unfortunately, dirty air filters also cause indoor pollution and lead to several breathing problems and health issues. Consult a heating services Mesquite TX provider to get your filters cleaned and checked to save yourself from more significant damages and higher costs.

  • Don’t Set Back Your Thermostat.

Usually, people lower the thermostat setting while they are not at home and then increase back up. However, inconsistent temperature settings put more load on the device and have to work a lot more in heating the home at a go that can cause it to damage. So it is always better to keep it at a consistent heating temperature and wait for the weather to warm up, then only change the setting for good.

  • Be prepared For Colder Indoor Temperatures.

Furnace function is to maintain a differential temperature between the weather outdoors and the indoors. On frigid days, prefer wearing woolen clothes, you will feel warm, and it will eventually put less pressure on your furnace. Because no matter how the thermostat setting is, in freezing weather, deformities arise in the performance of heating devices if subjected to greater loads. 

In most cold cities like Texas, people purchase HVAC installation Mesquite TX systems that are comparatively cheaper and provide constant assistance regarding the problems relating to HVAC systems.

  • Sealing Off Air Leaks and Unused Spaces.

It is essential to keep the cold air out and the warm air inside of the apartment. For this purpose, keep the doors locked. Seal up all the air leaks that can lead the cool breeze in. ensure that there are no holes and spaces in your doors and windows as a small hall can create problems and restrain you from attaining warmer temperatures indoors. Especially if you live in cold cities like Mesquiteyou should take the subscription of a furnace repair Mesquite TX, in which they get it regularly checked and repaired.

  • Constant Clearing.

It is essential to clear the area. In most cold places, the pipes of heating appliances get dense, and it harms the heating device. Therefore, it is always beneficial to clean all the snow from the device to protect it from harm. If the snow accumulates continuously for a more extended period. It will further cause more damage and lead to permanent failure of the furnace. Therefore, clearing it regularly can avoid furnace repair.

Follow the techniques mentioned above for the better performance of your furnace this winter. You can get help from Lexany’s Heating and AC, and we provide efficient furnace replacement Mesquite TX. We have solutions to all your HVAC system-related problems. 

Most importantly, it is necessary to have a plan for maintaining your HVAC system. You can take up any plan that is suitable for you. These plans include check up, filter cleaning, etc.