How To Decide The AC Size As Per Your Room?

Imagine having an AC unit installed at your place that does not give efficient cooling, and you end up getting higher electricity bills and frequent air conditioning repairs in Mesquite, TX. Having such a unit installed is a total disaster. 

Choosing the correct capacity for your air conditioning unit is very helpful for efficient performance. If the size of the AC unit is too large, then the room gets cooled up quickly, but this ends up in short cycles. Short cycles are responsible for more energy consumption resulting in excessive bills. Larger units will also result in poor air quality as the room gets cooled up too quickly, leaving the room full of humidity. 

Compared to a smaller AC unit, the system struggles to cool down the temperature and does not cool the room adequately, which results in using the AC unit for prolonged periods. This reduces the system’s efficiency, and due to this reason, your AC unit is prone to frequent repair and maintenance.

Getting the correct capacity for your home is the answer to no extra costs and efficient cooling. The capacity for an AC unit is measured in ton or tonnage. These are measured in BTU (British Thermal Units).

How Many Tonnes Are Required To Cool My Home?

The AC capacity required by your room depends on some factors. Such as – 

The size of your room 

The size of your room decides what air conditioning unit capacity is required for efficient cooling. To measure the tonnage of your AC unit, follow the steps given below:

Step1 – Find out the area of your room.

Step 2 – Divide the area by 600. This tells you the basic capacity measure. 

Suppose your room is 100 sq. ft; the basic capacity amounts equal to 0.167 tons (100/600). Adding 0.5 tonnes to this equals the basic capacity for an average of 5 people in a room. 


The efficiency of the AC unit is measured in terms of SEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). ISEER is the amount of heat energy consumed per hour. The more heat energy consumed every hour by the AC unit, the higher the efficiency of the system. 

Co-efficient performance

Co-efficient performance or COP is another factor to consider before installing a new AC unit. The Higher the COP rating, the better the performance, and lower is the electricity bills, and lesser AC repairs in Mesquite will be required

5-star ratings

Experts believe that a 5-star rating is not always required. If you switch on your AC unit for a couple of hours only, then a 5-star unit will not be required. If you are consuming the cooling of the AC for more than 8 hours, then a 5-star rated Air Conditioning device will make a difference on your monthly billings. 

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How To Heat And Cool A Part Of Your House Without Ductwork?

The summer and winter seasons in Mesquite, TX, are extreme. Being able to stay cozy at home throughout the year is a luxury. Ductless HVAC systems are a good choice to keep all the members of your family cozy at all times. This is an invaluable cost-effective investment that will prove its worth in the long run. 

If you consider HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, for a new area inside your home, then ductless HVAC systems are the best choice. 

We have listed down the advantages for you – 

Ease Of Installation

Mini-splits are compact and are flexible for installation. You can fit in a split HVAC unit in every room of your house. The HVAC unit comes in different shapes and sizes, so you must pick the right size for every room to ensure effective heating and cooling throughout the year. These mini-split units consist of a small outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The ductless HVAC units are the best solution to improve temperature control. 

Cost-Effective Solution

One of the most popular reasons owners switch to ductless HVAC units is that they consume lesser energy than a central ductwork system. Lesser energy consumption implies lesser utility bills. With the help of the remote, you can easily control the temperature. As per your convenience, you can decide whether you want to lower or increase the temperatures in the rooms that are in use rather than cooling or heating the entire house.

The versatility is one of the main reasons that make ductless HVAC systems a popular choice. The ductless system can help you save 30% of energy. 

Improved Air Quality

When speaking of the traditional HVAC units, the air filters and the drainpipes must be cleaned frequently as there is a chance of mold or bacteria developing in them frequently. In comparison, the ductless HVAC unit offers multiple layers of filtration. These layers make sure that the percentage of bacteria, pollen, mold, or dust is reduced drastically. Thus improved air quality and the fear of allergy are also reduced. 

Ease Of Customization

Mini-split HVAC units belong to the smarter generation. Each system has its unique features that make them stand out from the traditional HVAC units. Features such as independent thermostat units, sleep mode facilities, minimal design, silent operation, humidity control are some of the many features these units provide. While traditional systems are good for cooling large areas, ductless units are perfect for smaller rooms for precise cooling/heating. 

Silent Operation

Traditional HVAC units are somewhat noisy as compared to ductless units. Ductless systems provide a smoother operation. 

Focused Heating/Cooling

When enclosed in a room, your ductless HVAC unit provides a precise cooling facility. You can easily increase or decrease the temperatures with the help of the remote. This makes it more efficient and cost-effective. 

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5 Reasons To Get An Annual AC Maintenance Check

Annual air conditioner maintenance is not an optional service. More than 90% of contractors who provide HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, recommend that your air conditioner should undergo maintenance at least once a year to make sure you’re getting only the best out of your unit. Many people ignore this advice.

This article will discuss five main reasons you shouldn’t postpone scheduling your annual AC maintenance and what may happen if you don’t.

5 reasons to schedule your annual AC maintenance

Better Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner will be responsible for maintaining good indoor air quality for all rooms in your home. However, this is impossible to do if the coils and filters inside the unit are dirty. In the end, you may have a unit that spews out more germs and bacteria than it cleans up. This will reduce the indoor air quality of your home.

Lowers Your Repair Costs

When you schedule an AC maintenance service, they inspect all parts to determine whether there is any problem or not. If anything is cracked, broken, or needs repairs, it can be done during the maintenance. However, if this isn’t done, the problem will increase until your entire unit suffers a breakdown – which may or may not be repaired.

Increases Energy Efficiency

You’ve probably brought an AC unit after checking its energy efficiency. Just like all homeowners, you would want your AC to provide maximum cooling for power input. However, using dirty coils and filters reduces the efficiency of the unit. Without a maintenance service, it is impossible to maintain good energy efficiency levels for a unit.

Prevents Any Last-Minute Problems

Unfortunately, a problem with your air conditioner can arise at the last minute, and you may be required to shell out more money. However, with regular maintenance, you can see a problem coming miles away and be prepared for it. This means you won’t need to look for 24/7 contractors online to prevent any last-minute breakdown!

Increases The Lifespan Of Your System

The lifespan of an average air conditioner is 12-15 years. However, without regular maintenance, your air conditioner may not service this long. To get the best out of the unit without spending extra money for patch-up work and repairs, you need to make sure you get maintenance service.

These are only some of the reasons why you should schedule your annual maintenance service. Without the service, you may eventually have to spend more money on repairs or replace the unit entirely because it can’t be repaired. Therefore, you should sign a maintenance contract with a top HVAC contractor.

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How Important Is AC Repair And Maintenance?

Most people know air conditioners require regular maintenance, but very few follow through with this requirement of the unit. This article will discuss why air conditioner maintenance is important and what should be included in regular air conditioner maintenance.

What Is The Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Here are five reasons why you should maintain your air conditioner – 


Regular maintenance and inspection of an air conditioner can increase the lifespan of your unit. You’re more likely to catch a problem early on and repair or replace the part, which means that the problem won’t fester and will lead to the unit breaking down.


Most manufacturers provide a warranty on their AC units. But a condition on this warranty is that you regularly maintain the unit. Without regular maintenance, you’re likely voiding the contract. Therefore when the time comes, your warranty may no longer be valid and you won’t be able to take advantage of the services included under the warranty. 


Regular maintenance of an air conditioner means you will increase the chances of catching a problem early. The part can be repaired or replaced early on and you won’t have to pay more. Most people believe in “Why fix it if it isn’t broken?” but this ideology will likely lead to increased expense for HVAC units.

Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your air conditioner would mean you can have an energy-efficient unit. This means your AC produces more cool air per unit power, and you may see a reduction in bills. However, without maintenance, you may see a rise in your monthly electricity bills. 

Random Breakdown

If you don’t repair or maintain your AC, it may just lead to a breakdown. This may not be fixed even if you call the most experienced contractor, and you’ll have to resort to buying a new unit. Not only will the cost of the unit be high, but you will also be required to pay for the labor, totaling the cost of replacement much higher than that of maintenance.

What Should Be Included In Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Most contractors who provide HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX, also provide air conditioner maintenance service, which means you don’t need to go out looking for another contractor. All contractors provide the following services in their maintenance packages – 

  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Cleaning and replacing of air filters
  • Inspection and oiling of AC motor
  • Inspection and oiling of all plates, fans, and other mechanical parts
  • Inspection and replacement of electrical wiring
  • Straightening the fins on the coils
  • Checking and maintaining refrigerant levels
  • Measuring airflow through the system

What to do if you don’t have a contractor?

If you don’t have an HVAC contractor, you can choose Lexany’s Heating and AC. Other than maintenance services, they also provide AC repair in Mesquite, TX. Their services are affordable, long-lasting, and high-quality. You can find out more about their work by visiting their website or calling (469)728-7113.


How To Deter Bugs From Your HVAC Unit

Although there are creepy crawlers all over our wonderful world, the thing you want to worry about is discovering bugs in your HVAC system. The good news is that removing these pests from your system isn’t difficult if you follow a few basic guidelines:


  • Fill in any cracks or gaps in the area of your equipment


Every homeowner is aware that cracks and gaps appear within their home, especially around doors and windows. This can also occur around the edges of your HVAC equipment or near enough to allow bugs to enter the device. This can be fixed by filling in any problem areas. The mesquite ac repair or HVAC repair is done carefully.


  • Examine the ductwork


Insects and arachnids commonly enter your HVAC system through tears and gaps in the ductwork of your home. Fill in any trouble areas to keep them out, similar to the tip above, which involves looking for loosened joints and areas where rust and corrosion have occurred. As a result, the susceptibility to these pests will be reduced.


  • Install screens for outdoor vents


Installing mesh screens that cover the entire vent is the simplest DIY solution for keeping them out. Aluminum wire mesh is your best bet. Bugs and other tiny rodents have an uncanny ability to get into HVAC systems. Lower air quality is one of the consequences.


Air vents without screens offer a great entry point for even the tiniest of critters into your house. Insects and arachnids will be kept at bay by mesh screens that cover the entire vent. They won’t break the bank and are extremely successful.


Termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, and stink bugs are just a few of the insect pests that have found their way into your home through vents.

  • Dealing with insects


Keeping insects out of your HVAC system is the best way to prevent them from colonizing it. Check to see if the ductwork is properly sealed. Insects can enter your system through loose segments and ducts with holes or cracks. To get these areas repaired, contact your HVAC company.


Pesticides should not be sprayed into ducts or vents. It will not be safe, and it will cause harmful airborne particulates to be dispersed into your home.


  • Ants and the condenser


The outdoor air conditioner condenser is another popular insect infestation spot. The electromagnetic field of the condenser attracts ants in particular. Insects and other pests love to live in the interior of the condenser machine. You can also see ants swarming within the contactor of your condenser device, which can harm the part and cause the unit to fail.


Seek the advice of a licensed pest control company, who will spray the area around your condenser while still taking care of your home and lawn. 


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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Residents of the residential building you operate will be cranking up their air conditioning systems before you know it. You’ll want to start the warmer weather months in a comfortable zone, which means as complaint-free as possible for you and the residents. Preventative air conditioning troubleshooting and proper residential air conditioning maintenance are important.

The usual suspects of air conditioning troubleshooting

When the temperature rises and the sun shines, the last thing you want is the air conditioning to go out. Performing regular residential air conditioning maintenance will help you prevent some of the most common problems.

  • The air conditioner doesn’t work

When you start your air conditioning troubleshooting analysis, one of your biggest concerns may be that you’ll turn on the machine and hear and feel nothing. A blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker may be the source of the power outage, requiring you to reset the circuit breaker or repair the blown fuse. It may also be the product of faulty wiring or a malfunctioning thermostat. If the problem persists then you should move forward with air conditioning services in Mesquite, TX

  • Glitches in the thermostat

It’s possible that if your thermostat is broken or wrongly calibrated, it won’t tell the air conditioner to switch on. If your thermostat is set to the lowest temperature and the device still won’t turn on, it’s time to call your HVAC repair technician, who will most likely need to recalibrate or replace the thermostat. 

Calibration issues are more common with older dial-type thermostats, but newer programmable thermostats can be difficult to program at times. When troubleshooting your air conditioning system, check your thermostat manual to make sure you’ve configured it correctly.

  • Air conditioner problems are not cool – a low refrigerant level means a low-efficiency level

As air conditioning troubleshooting reveals a device that isn’t working properly, it may be due to a lack of refrigerant. If the refrigerant level is low, it was likely undercharged during installation or a leak. 

A low refrigerant level may be the cause of your building’s inability to cool properly or the air becoming sticky. Heat and humidity cannot be effectively extracted from the air without the proper refrigerant level. Like the engine oil in your car, the refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system.

More troubleshooting tips for air conditioners to prevent problems

  • Brush and debris should be removed from the exterior of the device and the surrounding area.
  • Filthy filters should be replaced.
  • Check for tears in the ducts and get them fixed.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to save energy and improve accuracy, but make sure you know how to use it properly.

As you can see, several issues can be avoided by using an air conditioning troubleshooting tool. Suppose you only remember one thing from an air conditioning troubleshooting article. In that case, it should be that proper maintenance is the best way to avoid issues and headaches for you and your neighbors.

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How To Size My HVAC System?

If you plan to buy a new air conditioner for this summer season and are about to get it installed using HVAC installation Mesquite, TX, then read this before buying. Purchasing a new air conditioner can be a mess. Before buying, the buyer checks all the key features and specifications of the air conditioners available, but usually, one key point while buying them is forgotten; the size of the air conditioner. Weirdly enough, people generally ignore the size of the air conditioner they wish to purchase. They consider the specifications of the model and buy it without checking the size of the air conditioner.

Why is the size important?

All air conditioners cannot be fit and installed in all places. There are many factors which govern this. Buying and installing a wrong sized-air conditioner can lead to many problems and inconveniences in the future. The air conditioner may not work properly, but it may also cause health issues to the family members and a rise in the electricity bill. The size of the air conditioner should be according to the house.

What are some important factors to be considered to choose the right size?

Here are some major factors that play a deciding role in the correct size of air conditioners:

  • The age of the place where the air conditioner is to be installed: Old offices and homes do not have proper ventilation systems and proper electrical systems that can handle a new air conditioner’s electricity load. If the ventilation of the place is bad, an HVAC retrofit might be required.
  • Windows: The number and location of the home’s windows are an important factor in installing the new air conditioner. If the AC is to be installed in a room with a lot of heat through the windows, the unit’s specifications should be according to that. Similarly, the type of windows should also be considered. Single paned windows do not insulate as well as double or triple-paned windows.
  • Home location: Homes that receive direct sunlight without any blockage by the shade of trees or other buildings need an air conditioner that works more efficiently and effectively. Homes that are not in direct contact with sunlight would not face this problem.
  • Weatherstripping: If there are air leaks in the room where the air conditioner is installed, there will not be cool air even if the unit works efficiently. The weatherstripping of all windows and doors should be done properly to avoid any air leakage.
  • Insulation: An insulated house or office work will get cooler quicker than a house that is not insulated properly. The heat coming from outside should be prevented from entering inside the homes. If more insulation is needed, it can be worked on while the ductwork is installed.

These factors must be taken into consideration while choosing the air conditioner’s correct size. Lexany’s Heating and AC have trained and experienced staff to help you choose the correct size for your air conditioner. They also provide their customers with heating services in Mesquite, TX, along with other top-tier services.

Why Is Spring AC Tune-Up Necessary?

HVAC systems make up almost 40% of your total fuel consumption every year, and you can save as much as 10% on annual spending if you reduce temperatures by 7-10°F every spring and autumn. However, these numbers are completely useless if you don’t get a tune-up service. Most people avoid or forget to get a spring AC tune-up service, but here are some reasons why getting this service is a necessity.

Five reasons why tune-ups are important:

  • Air quality: Maintaining indoor air quality is impossible if you have a dirty system. This can also cause additional health concerns like fevers, cold, and infections and can also trigger your allergies. Tune-up services can easily increase your home’s indoor air quality by clearing your system of any allergens and dirt. 
  • Lower costs: With summer just around the corner, your AC will work overtime to maintain the temperature inside your home. However, without a tune-up service, your AC cannot tackle the problems it faces and uses extra energy to push out the same amount of air. Tune-up services usually remove dirt and dust, making the entire working of the system smooth and unproblematic.
  • Lower breakdown risks: It comes as no surprise to anyone that an AC not maintained properly can break down. Most technicians charge extra for air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, if they think the reason for your breakdown is poor maintenance. With a tune-up service, you can easily avoid the risk of a breakdown and keep your system working efficiently.
  • Lower repair costs: However, if your unit does break down or have any problem, you’re less likely to incur high expenses. This is because the most likely reasons for the problems (like dirty filters or clogged coils) will be addressed during the tune-up service. 
  • Increased lifespan: Who doesn’t want their AC to last for 15 years? But without a tune-up service, you’ll be left calling the technician for constant repairs. This will eventually affect your AC unit’s lifespan, and you might have to replace it in 10-12 years.

Now that you know why to get a tune-up service, here is what a tune-up service will cover:

  • Cleaning or replacement of dirty filters.
  • Cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils to remove all dirt and dust.
  • Checking and oiling motor plates and belts. The technician will also replace the belt or plate if broken; however, this may be payable separately.
  • Checking electrical connections to find out whether there is any loose or open wire.
  • Checking and replacing refrigerant to make sure it is at optimum levels.
  • Recalibration of smart thermostat or normal thermostat.
  • Inspection of terminals and wires for rust and corrosion. The technician may also recommend applying another layer of coating.
  • Measure airflow of the system after the complete service to determine any additional problems.

Whom to call?

We recommend keeping an HVAC contractor on the retainer instead of searching for new contractors every time. If you’re a resident of Forney, Mesquite or surrounding areas, you can contact Lexany’s Heating and Air for their affordable HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX. You can book your slot on our website or call (469)728-7113.


Services For Air Conditioning System

Are you using an air conditioning system at your home? But have you ever thought if your system suddenly stops working, then what are you going to do? That could be a complicated situation. Especially during summers, it is quite hard to survive without an air conditioning system. 

An air conditioning system provided you with a range of benefits. This not only includes the comfortable but can also provide health benefits.

What are the advantages of installing an air conditioning system?

Among all appliances in your home, air conditioners are the most commonly used devices. The main reason behind this is that they provide a cooling and refreshing environment during those hot sunny days. These days air conditioning systems are used almost everywhere, such as shops, hotels, offices, homes, malls, restaurants, and many more. 

Here are some instances of places that use air conditioning. Also stated are the uses and benefits in these places:

  • Complexes and public places: People install air conditioning systems in offices or shopping complexes to provide a comfortable and chilling environment to their clients. This will definitely help them get more clients to increase their business. Also, in offices employees can work in a comfortable ambiance and thus, can produce better results. 
  • Homes: Apart from these places, using an air conditioning system at home is also quite beneficial. They not only provide you a livable atmosphere but can also help to protect you from various diseases. This includes heatstroke, dehydration, heart attack, and many more. They can also improve the quality of air inside the home and reduce the concentration of pollen, dust, and tiny particles present in the air that might be dangerous for asthma patients.

When you are using an air conditioning system, you need to keep your doors and windows closed. This is because an air conditioning system can cool down a closed room faster and more efficiently. Keep your doors and windows closed to prevent the risk of robbery, reduce unwanted noise, dust, pollution, insects, etc., from outside. Thus, providing you a safe and secure environment.

However, it is important to ensure that the system you are using is well maintained and working properly because using a dirty system can lead to various problems, as discussed below:

What are the advantages of proper repair and replacement of your heating system?

A dirty or neglected air conditioning system is inefficient. It will require more energy to operate and eventually leading to higher monthly electricity bills. 

Here are some reasons why a dirty or neglected system is not ideal:

  • Using an inefficient system can lead to monetary losses. Thus, it is important to get your system repaired.
  • Another reason to avoid using a dirty system is that it can lead to the production of many dangerous and harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, soot, smoke, foul smell, and many more, which can be quite dangerous for you and your family health. Thus, it is better to replace a poorly working system.

Only the best with Lexany’s Heating and AC

Lexany’s Heating and AC provides quality services such as AC repair in Mesquite, TX. It is one of the best companies for HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX. It provides services such as repair, installation, maintenance, tune-up, replacement, and many more. 


What is a heating furnace?

A heating furnace is one of the most commonly used devices these days. Using a heating furnace can provide you a warm and satisfying ambiance which is quite helpful, especially in those cold, freezing days of winters. Nonetheless, it is not in the least possible for you to buy a new furnace whenever your old one stops working. Sometimes, a small repair and tune-up can make your heating furnace work like a new one.  

A furnace is a device that is extensively used to make lives more comfortable and warm. These are heating devices that work with the help of the movement of a certain medium. The main purpose of using a heating furnace is to raise the temperature of a particular place. 

What are the benefits of regularly repairing your heating furnace?

A heating furnace delivers you a range of benefits:

  • You can use a furnace at your home to get a warm and cozy environment so that you can do your household chores easily. Due to this coronavirus pandemic, most of the offices are closed, and people are required to work from their homes; using a heating furnace can provide you a comfortable environment, and thus, you can concentrate more on work. 
  • You can even install a furnace in offices. This will help provide a warm and comfortable ambiance to your employees so that they can work with extra focus and generate more profitable and productive results. A heating system also helps to enhance the air quality of the place. 

However, it is important to ensure that the system you are using is in good condition and working properly. This is because a good and well-maintained furnace system can help you generate monetary benefits in the long run. Timely repair and maintenance of a furnace system can result in efficient energy consumption and increase the working life of the system. 

 Problems associating furnace repair

A poorly maintained system requires more electricity to work, leading to an increase in your monthly electricity bills. 

 A dirty or poorly maintained heating furnace can lead to the production of various harmful gases such as soot, smoke, carbon dioxide, and many more. These gases can have negative effects on your family’s health and can lead to various diseases (asthma, breathlessness, respiratory disease, stroke, and many more).

Using a dirty system can also produce weird noises or foul odor, making it very tough for you to focus on work or the office. 

Get the most efficient furnace service in Mesquite, TX.

Lexany’s Heating & AC. is one of the best companies for HVAC installation in Mesquite, TX. We provide quality services in furnace repair in Mesquite, TX. It provides services such as heating, cooling, installation, repair, replacement, tune-up, and many more. They have a team of skilled professionals that provides you friendly guidance along with the best service possible. Also, all the services are available at reasonable prices.