A Small Guide to Understand HVAC Installation

The average time that an air conditioning system may last is around 10 to 15 years. With proper maintenance, your air conditioning may last a little longer. At some point, you’ll find that your AC unit is becoming less efficient. 

This drop inefficiency is due to the unit’s complex nature. Similar to cars, these air conditioners stop working after prolonged usage. If you are in this situation, you can either opt for air conditioning repair in Mesquite, TX, or replace the unit with a new one.

Reasons That You Need To Know About Air Conditioners!

Whatever your decision might be, to either get a repair or replace the unit, you need to have a full picture of what you are dealing with.

By understanding how the air conditioner works and what parts are available today, you can decide. It will help you in choosing to either replace the individual part of the whole unit.

No matter what you choose, make sure to contact a professional HVAC Installation Mesquite TX to do the work.

Air conditioning system’s working

Almost all the air conditions work similarly irrespective of their type and model. There are five basic components in an air conditioner. These components are responsible for the major functions of a unit – 


Refrigerant is responsible for keeping the engine cool like a coolant used in cars.


It is used to recycle the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning unit.


The fans cool the heat, and the refrigerant absorbs humidity.

Air ducts

To transfer the cool air from inside the unit to your room, air ducts are used.

Evaporator coils

These coils are attached to the furnace or inside the air handles. They are responsible for absorbing heat from inside your room.

To have an air conditioner work efficiently, all these units should work without any malfunction. If there is a need for AC Installation Mesquite, TX, it is probably because one of these components failed to work. These components can be repaired or replaced individually. It is best to replace the single component instead of the whole unit when replacement is needed.

Types of air conditioning systems

The type of air conditioner you decide to install should be compatible with your lifestyle. There are two types of AC units that you can choose from – 

  • Portable air conditioning systems

These types of units can be moved with wheels. These systems cost less and don’t require professional installation. However, you need to keep your windows open for these systems to work.

  • Central air conditioning

These are the most common systems that include a heating system inside. It is expensive to get these systems installed. Regular maintenance is required after the installation process to ensure the long life of the system.

Once the air conditioner is installed, you might need professional AC repair in Mesquite from time to time. Contact us at (469)-728-7113 to book an expert service. You can reach out to us via mail too at service@lexanysheatingandac.com.


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