5 Reasons Causing Your AC To Run Constantly

It’s unpleasant when the summer months are hot and sticky, and your AC operates constantly. There’s a good chance your AC is running a little too loudly or consuming more electricity than usual.

You’ve probably seen this issue before, and you might be wondering what the problem might be. The reasons stated in this article will help you understand why your AC has been running constantly.

Improper Installation

How to verify if the air conditioner installation is correct? You can inspect through unit size and duct size.

Central Unit Is Too Small

Small size central air conditioners require more effort to cool your home. You will experience breakdowns frequently and will never feel the desired coolness at your home.

Central Unit Is Large

If you are experiencing too much moisture in your home, one of the reasons is the large central unit. Large central units have short cycles and also increase electricity bills as energy consumption is high.

Incorrect Duct Size

Incorrect duct size does not cool your home efficiently and will be incapable of handling the airflow. Thus, it is unable to distribute cool air evenly in all corners of your home.

If you possess any of the above units, it’s time to replace them with efficient ones. Connect our AC repair in Mesquite to resolve your issues.

Damaged Air Filter

A dirty air filter causes overheating and obstructs the normal airflow. If the airflow is not proper, the system cannot help in removing humidity. Timely maintenance of air filters is essential to save energy consumption.

Dirt And Dust On Conditioner Coils

Ever wondered about the damage caused due to dirt and dust on conditioner coils? The accumulation of dust particles will lower the efficiency that eventually lets the air conditioner run continuously.

Old Air Conditioner 

Every electronic unit has its lifetime. If your air conditioner is way past its prime and you are tired of replacing units now and then, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Contact our experts for estimates and book a slot with our skilled technicians for any installation or HVAC Installation Mesquite, TX.

Air Leaks 

One of the culprits of a hot and humid environment is poor sealing, which welcomes irritation and various health problems. If your AC  is not cooling your room, check for air leaks or insufficient insulation.

If there are no air leaks in your basement, the air will stay inside and, you will enjoy the comfort of an air conditioner.

New air conditioners are highly efficient and consume less energy as compared to old air conditioners. Always prefer to go through the rating chart before you plan to buy a new one.

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