Why is the AC running but not cooling?

Millions of people in the United States rely on cooling systems to make themselves comfortable during the summers. Therefore, before the start of summer, it is essential to turn on the air conditioner and ensure that it is working and cooling the house efficiently. 

A common problem most AC owners see during the summer is an air conditioner that is working but not cooling the house. Of course, if your air conditioner isn’t working, it’s pretty clear that you need to consult an air conditioner company. But what if the air conditioner is working but not cooling? 

If you want to fix the problem yourself before contacting your local HVAC technician, here are some common causes of this issue and what you can do to fix it. 

Some Causes of AC Not Cooling

  • Clogged Air Filter 

If your air conditioner is running without providing cool air, the first thing to be done is to check the air filter. The dirty filters prevent the airflow into your house, which impacts the unit’s performance and may contain excess moisture from being removed from the air. 

  • Check For Clogged Coils 

The central air conditioning system comprises an indoor air conditioner and an outdoor condenser. Both devices require regular maintenance and have coils that play an essential role in cooling your home. Unfortunately, these can be clogged with soil, grass, and other aerial debris. So it is recommended that a technician clean the coil properly to prevent any accidental damage.

  • Leaking Refrigerant 

Refrigerant is the liquid contained in the copper coil of an air conditioner. The refrigerant is responsible for absorbing heat from the air in the evaporator coil. All systems need to be filled with the correct amount of refrigerant for proper functioning. The leakage of refrigerant adversely affects the system’s air cooling capacity. So you can contact a technician for air conditioning services in Mesquite, TX.

  • Check the thermostat 

If the HVAC is up and not cooling, the first step is to check the thermostat. In this case, check the temperature settings to see if anyone has made any adjustments. If you have been using the air conditioner recently, something may have changed by mistake. If the thermostat is off, switch the thermostat to heating and then back to cooling. 

  • Repair ductwork 

If your home duct system is old, there may be a leak in the air duct. Leaky pipes may be why the air conditioner is working but not cooling. A properly sealed duct system is essential to keep cold air out of the attic. 


The best way to ensure that your air conditioner keeps you cool is to check and clean it in the spring. The Lexan heating and Cooling technician can replace the defective part and notify you if the upgrade is due. Our AC repair technicians are trained to ensure that all project parts are done correctly and guide and test each step using a thorough checklist. 

Call today to schedule your seasonal ac service or AC installation in Mesquite, TX, or visit our website for more details.   

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