Types Of Furnaces

Due to their outstanding efficiency, low running noise, extended lifespans, compatibility, and other factors, natural gas, propane, heating oil, or electricity can all be used to heat your home with a furnace. You can also take a professional’s help in furnace service in Mesquite, TXto decide which type of furnace is best for your house. 

Based On Operation

Furnace blowers circulate both warm and cool air, so they not only offer heat in the winter but also help to cool your home in the summer. There are different categories:

Furnace with A Single-Stage

It runs at a fixed speed. As a result, your home is more likely to have hot and cold patches with more temperature variance. In addition, turning on and off your system during the day will consume additional energy. However, it is the cheapest to buy and the easiest and cheapest to install. 

Furnace with two stages

Two-stage furnaces allow you a little more flexibility over how you heat your home by giving a full-speed and a half-speed setting. As a decision, both are further effective in delivering heat. 

Furnace with variable speed

Finally, variable speed furnaces adjust the speed and heat output to the outside temperature and the desired indoor temperature. They also provide the highest indoor air quality since the fan circulates air through the filter even when the furnace is not in use.

Based On Fuel Type 

Another approach to categorize modern furnaces is based on the type of fuel they use to generate heat. 

Gas Furnace 

The hot combustion gas is created by gas jets and a burner, which elevates the temperature of the air, which is then circulated through the ducts by fans. Gas furnaces are inexpensive to operate due to the low cost of gas compared to other fuels.

Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces are most commonly seen in cold locations and convert oil to heat. Gas furnaces typically have AFUE ratings of 88-98 percent, whereas oil furnaces have AFUE values of 80-90 percent.

Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are typically less expensive and smaller than traditional furnaces, making them more convenient to install in most settings. Heat pumps use electricity to heat and cool your home to maximize comfort and economy. Many individuals prefer to utilize a heat pump in conjunction with a furnace, a process known as hybrid heating. If you all live in an area with excellent winter times, you might be good without a furnace and simply a heat pump.

Modulating Furnace

Modulating furnaces are more expensive, but the benefits may be worth it. For example, to attain the thermostat’s preset temperature, a modulating furnace modulates the amount of gas it burns. This allows it to pinpoint the temperature more precisely. In addition, modulating furnaces will not waste energy by turning on and off often but will instead run at a reduced energy level for a more extended period.

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