How To Size My HVAC System?

If you plan to buy a new air conditioner for this summer season and are about to get it installed using HVAC installation Mesquite, TX, then read this before buying. Purchasing a new air conditioner can be a mess. Before buying, the buyer checks all the key features and specifications of the air conditioners available, but usually, one key point while buying them forget; the size of the air conditioner. Weirdly enough, people generally ignore the size of the air conditioner they wish to purchase. They consider the specifications of the model and buy it without checking the size of the air conditioner.

Why is the size important?

All air conditioners cannot fit and install in all places. There are many factors which govern this. Buying and installing a wrong sized-air conditioner can lead to many problems and inconveniences in the future. The air conditioner may not work properly, but it may also cause health issues to the family members and a rise in the electricity bill. The size of the air conditioner should be according to the house.

What are some important factors to be consider to choose the right size?

Here are some major factors that play a deciding role in the correct size of air conditioners:

  • The age of the place where the air conditioner is to install: Old offices and homes do not have proper ventilation systems and proper electrical systems that can handle a new air conditioner’s electricity load. If the ventilation of the place is bad, an HVAC retrofit might require.
  • Windows: The number and location of the home’s windows are an important factor in installing the new air conditioner. If the AC is to install in a room with a lot of heat through the windows. The unit’s specifications should be according to that. Similarly, the type of windows should also consider. Single paned windows do not insulate as well as double or triple-pan windows.
  • Home location: Homes that receive direct sunlight without any blockage by the shade of trees or other buildings need an air conditioner that works more efficiently and effectively. Homes that are not in direct contact with sunlight would not face this problem.
  • Weatherstripping: If there are air leaks in the room where the air conditioner install, there will not be cool air even if the unit works efficiently. The weatherstripping of all windows and doors should done properly to avoid any air leakage.
  • Insulation: An insulated house or office work will get cooler quicker than a house that is not insulated properly. The heat coming from outside should prevent from entering inside the homes. If more insulation need, it can work on while the ductwork install.

These factors must take into consideration while choosing the air conditioner’s correct size. Lexany’s Heating and AC have trained and experienced staff to help you choose the correct size for your air conditioning services Mesquite, TX. They also provide their customers with heating services in Mesquite, TX, along with other top-tier services.

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