How To Decide The AC Size As Per Your Room?

Imagine having an AC unit installed at your place that does not give efficient cooling, and you end up getting higher electricity bills and frequent air conditioning repair Mesquite, TX. Having such a unit install is a total disaster. 

Choosing the correct capacity for your air conditioning unit is very helpful for efficient performance. If the size of the AC unit is too large, then the room gets cool up quickly, but this ends up in short cycles. Short cycles are responsible for more energy consumption resulting in excessive bills. Larger units will also result in poor air quality as the room gets cooled up too quickly, leaving the room full of humidity. 

Compared to a smaller AC unit, the system struggles to cool down the temperature and does not cool the room adequately, which results in using the AC unit for prolonged periods. This reduces the system’s efficiency, and due to this reason, your AC unit is prone to frequent repair and maintenance.

Getting the correct capacity for your home is the answer to no extra costs and efficient cooling. The capacity for an AC unit measure in ton or tonnage. Measure in BTU (British Thermal Units).

How Many Tonnes Are Require To Cool My Home?

The AC capacity required by your room depends on some factors. Such as – 

The size of your room 

The size of your room decides what air conditioning unit capacity require for efficient cooling. To measure the tonnage of your AC unit, follow the steps given below:

Step1 – Find out the area of your room.

Step 2 – Divide the area by 600. This tells you the basic capacity measure. 

Suppose your room is 100 sq. ft; the basic capacity amounts equal to 0.167 tons (100/600). Adding 0.5 tonnes to this equals the basic capacity for an average of 5 people in a room. 


The efficiency of the AC unit measure in terms of SEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). ISEER is the amount of heat energy consumed per hour. The more heat energy consumed every hour by the AC unit, the higher the efficiency of the system. 

Co-efficient performance

Co-efficient performance or COP is another factor to consider before installing a new AC unit. The Higher the COP rating, the better the performance, and lower is the electricity bills, and lesser AC repair Mesquite will be required

5-star ratings

Experts believe that a 5-star rating is always needs If you switch on your AC unit for a couple of hours only, then a 5-star unit will not require. If you are consuming the cooling of the AC for more than 8 hours, then a 5-star rated Air Conditioning device will make a difference on your monthly billings. 

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